Welcome to the website of Quebella.

“Quebella” is a combination of the Spanish Que and the Italian Bella which means ” How beautiful ”. Beauty to me as an artist is central in life, or in other words: ‘ creating beautiful and unique objects that enter the world and make it more beautiful. I do this by looking closely at shape, colour and material, and mixing it so that beautiful and exciting proportions come forth in my jewellery. But ” How beautiful ” for me is also a ‘mistake’ in nature whereby a pearl is not perfectly round or in some cases even grown to the shell. I then use the piece of shell with the attached pearl, which to me has a touching beauty, for a new creation. Thus, the entire nature is a source of inspiration with its beautiful flowers, colours and shapes. But also a good conversation with a glass of wine in front of the fire with my kids, husband or friends, a cappuccino in the sun on a terrace, the florist on the market, the butcher who shares a new recipe with excitement, the atmosphere of the antique marketplace in Paris, Barcelona and Milano.

In Italy I have next to Milan a favorite place which is Bellagio at Lake Como. It’s divine and here was also my first major introduction to Gioielli or jewels. Big, bigger, grand and in all colors and materials. Here I also discovered the cameo and the handiwork of a cameo cutter. He cuts figures, often portraits in the mostly white upper layer of a shell. This will release the underlying brown layer and produce a relief. A wonderful craft and a result of high quality that I like to work with.

Quebella is classic with a contemporary twist and a romantic look. I make my work  for women who want to stand out, are self aware and proud of what they wear. The women have an individual style who choose quality and exclusivity and are happy to show it. A lot of customers are men who appreciate my work and buy it for their partner.

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